The African Operators’ and Professional Hunters’ Associations of Africa (OPHAA) is a body made up of members that represent African hunting associations from every African nation where such associations have been established at a national level.

Currently represented in OPHAA are:

Botswana: Botswana Wildlife Management Association (BWMA). Contact Debbie Peake at BWMA email for info.
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Professional Hunters’ Association (EPHA). Contact Jason Roussos at EPHA email for info.
Mozambique: AMOS – Associação Moçambicana de Operadores de Safaris. Contact Adamo Valy at AMOS email or Sandy McDonald at Sandy email
Namibia: Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA). Contact CEO Tanja Dahl at NAPHA email for info.
South Africa: Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA). Contact CEO Tharia Unwin at PHASA email for info.
Tanzania: Tanzania Professional Hunters’ Association (TPHA). Contact Secretary General Mike Angelides at TPHA Secretary General or CEO Lathifa Sykes at TPHA CEO for info. Tanzania Hunting Operators’ Association (TAHOA). Contact Secretary General Mike Angelides at TAHOA Secretary General or CEO Lathifa Sykes at TAHOA CEO for info.
Uganda: Uganda Association of Wildlife Concessionaires and Professional Hunters. Contact Christian Weth at UAWCPH email for info.
Zambia: Professional Hunters’ Association of Zambia (PHAZ). Contact Secretary Phil C. Minnaar at PHAZ email or President Gavin Robertson at President PHAZ for info.
Safari Hunters Association of Zambia (SHOAZ).
Contact Barry Bell-Cross at SHOAZ email for info.
Zimbabwe: Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe (SOAZ). Contact Manager Stan Mudawarima at SOAZ Manager or President Emmanuel A. Fundira at SOAZ President for info.
Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association (ZPHGA). Contact Chairman James Rosenfels or at Chair ZPHGA or manager Stan Mudawarima at ZPHGA Manager

Hunting nations with no current national hunting Associations

Burkina Faso:
Central African Republic:
Democratic Republic of Congo:
Ghana: No Active Hunting Associations
Liberia: No Active Hunting Associations
Mauritius: No Active Hunting Associations
Morocco: No Active Hunting Associations
Tunisia: No Active Hunting Associations
Sudan: No Active Hunting Associations

OPHAA Operator/Outfitter Certification Program

OPHAA “Operator/Outfitter Certification” is a program to verify that an African hunting operator/outfitter has been legally registered and properly authorized to sell and conduct hunts in a specific African nation. It also confirms that the hunting company has been registered with, and is currently still registered and in good standing with, their national hunting association(s).